Gili Trawangan

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Just as beautiful – much more vibrant

Gili T, although extremely similar in landscape, beaches and sea to Gili Air, has a very different personality; as the sun goes down, the clubs open and the young and old turn the main strip into an all night party zone.

The best clubs I’ve ever been to have been on this island, from Jiggy-Jigs to Irish Bar, Blue Lagoon and many more. The music is everything you want when you’re having the time of your life – tunes that you can shout your heart out to, bond over dance moves and make a complete fool out of yourself without even worrying about embarrassing flashbacks the next morning.

Most hostels will have a game plan for the evening, and if you’re planning on going to any hostel at all it has to be Gili Backpackers. (Link below)

This has to be the most social hostel we stayed at during our time away, and we stayed in a lot of places. The rooms, which are made up of four bunkbeds, open out onto the communal area, which consists of several long picnic benches, a bar and a pool. In the evening, hostel stayers and outsiders join to pre drink and socialise on these benches and make full use of the bar. A handy whiteboard lets everyone know what club was in store for that evening, and it didn’t let us down.

Joss Shots

are an absolute must. Well maybe a must not if you have a dicky heart… They are basically a packet of sherbet, like the type you get with a dip-dab sweet (plus some other energy ingredient not found in the kiddy sweets), which is then poured into your vodka shot, or your mouth (depending on your preference) and swallowed up fast. It’s like someone has filled your mouth with sugary sweetness while simultaneously punching you in the chest, in a totally good way. A couple of those and you are set for the night. Until you wake up in the morning with a palpitating heart and the shakes… but it’s all fun and games.

Night Market


Although this image really captures very little of what the night market is, I thought I’d throw it in anyway. The night market is literally that. Opening at around 7, its a busy place full of locals and tourists. The food there is just oh my god, so good. I spent about £2.50 on a massive, massive plate of spring rolls, rice, chicken skewers, samosas, vegetables and, probably the most important of all, satay peanut sauce. Which is without doubt the best sauce ever invented and if you have not tried it you have to go out right now and hunt some down and try it it is just so damn good BREATHE.

The market may look a little intimidating at first as there is no real system, just stalls set up and lots of people milling around. But the people are super friendly and let you know how much it all will be and what everything is, their English really is embarrassingly good.

When I went, we were mid way through our meal (plus reuniting with a friend from the beginning of the trip, that we suddenly bumped into, as you always seem to do while travelling) and the heavens literally opened. Which is why the picture is so ‘meh’. I was trying, and failing, to capture the night market mid torrential rain on a very old, average camera. We then had to slop home as the streets were suddenly rivers and all we were wearing were flipflops.

But please, please if you ever happen across Gili T, you must eat here. Eat here every night if you can. The food is so so good and it is so so cheap.

Sunset Bar

Don’t do what we did.

I will tell our story but can’t offer more advice than that…seeing as we didn’t do what you should do.

Sunset bar is a fair trek from the main part of Gili T, but also very straight forward. Before you go, get an idea of how long it’ll take you to get there and what time the sunset actually is. Don’t do what we did which was get there about two hours early and realise that the action really does not happen until the sun is setting.

There are two bars in the sunset bar area, and one has the famous swing, which you must sit on and take a picture, another thing we did not do. They are nice bars but I would not advise sitting at them for two hours straight staring at the horizon and literally watching the sun creep down. It makes it all very underwhelming, especially when the sun did set, it was cloudy.

But you should go, take the chance that it wont be cloudy, have a drink and take a swing picture, it’s all part of the Gili T experience and just because we didn’t get it right doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

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