This summer I went to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been; and after reading this I’m sure you’ll want to go too.

Bali, Indonesia, was somewhere completely off my radar. If I thought of Asia I would think of Thailand, China or India. But Bali is a place that should and shouldn’t be in everyone’s dreams. It should as it is heartbreakingly beautiful and it shouldn’t be, as to stay that way means that the less people who go, the better.

Bali is so colourful and vibrant

Hinduism is the most popular religion there so everywhere you’d go you would be stepping over small offerings that littered the streets, adding a splash of colour against the dusty, sun beaten pavement and forever more associating the smell of incense to Bali. The breeze would flutter decorations hanging from lamp-posts, catching your eye and adding to the uplifting landscape.

The Balinese people are so friendly, where ever we went we would be spoken to, greeted and questioned, making you feel like the welcome tourist, rather than the unwelcome one.

Kuta, Ubud, Kitamani and Sanur are a few among many of beautiful, vibrant and intense places that are just begging to be discovered and added to part of the best things you’ve ever done, in the best places you’ve ever been.



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