Take a Journal


My boyfriend bought me this journal about a month before I left for Indonesia. At first I doubted that I would use it much, apart from keeping small memoirs in there such as train tickets and wrist bands. However, taking it away with me was the best decision I could have made.

When we go through life, its almost impossible to imagine that the very action we are doing right that moment may, sooner or later, be forgotten. Even something huge and life changing, such as travelling, becomes blurry without a memory jog or photo. That is where the journal comes in.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to have a journal and you don’t have to start with ‘Dear Diary’ either like a teenage girl sharing her crushes. At the end of each day I would jot down, in simple bullet points, where I had been that day, the names of people I met, the activities I had done and the food I had eaten. Now, just two months after my return, I already need to refer to my journal to make sure I’m remembering everything correctly.

Keeping plane, bus or train tickets, receipts, coins and bottle tops allows you to keep a little bit of that trip with you, and if you’d like it’s a great thing to share with the loved ones you left behind at home.

It might seem corny, it might seem excessive and poetic; but a travel journal really is a way of keeping a bit of you from that trip.


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