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A baby monkey hugged my leg. That is all.

Ubud is definitely one of my favourite places in Bali, which I didn’t expect as it is inland and therefore, beachless. The main street is up a hill which then flattens out, with stalls, boutiques and restaurants lining it. It has such a friendly feel that i I can’t explain, maybe less beeping and shouting, but whatever it was definitely made me feel most relaxed.

The hotel we stayed in (while we were on our tour) was so amazing that it most likely contributed to how in love with Ubud I was. I have posted the link below, because if you can, please stay there. The rooms were so nice and open, the shower was just incredible and the breakfasts were just godly. (Plus there’s a pool.)


But my most, most favourite experience of Ubud, and up there in the top ten of the whole trip, was the monkey forest. Originally I had heard bad things about monkeys. They steal, bite, chase and jump on you. In my opinion they were animals to be looked at from afar but no closer. How wrong I was!

The monkey forest is basically a trail through a kind of woodland, with lots of temples and other like attractions around. Plus, its full of monkeys. They were everywhere, from the massive scary Daddies to the tiny, adorable babies. They are animals, and even though they are used to people they still are wild and must be respected. The big ones really were pretty scary and definitely worth avoiding. But while my friend was trying to get a pic of me standing near some monkeys, one teeny baby casually sauntered up to me, wrapped his tiny arms around my leg, gave me a squeeze (or what I call a hug) and then wandered off. Me and my friend were far too excited to even, sadly, get a photo.

The fun didn’t end there either. We spotted a guide (a member of the forest staff which basically make sure monkeys and tourists don’t start fighting) feeding a monkey. He beckoned us over and suddenly I was sitting, a few pellets in my hand and a full grown monkey on my shoulders. It was amazing. The monkey was so soft, not scratchy at all like I imagined, and looking at his tiny hand in mine, with his little black nails was really magical and something I still bang on about to this day  (especially when he pulled my top down to try and find more food.)

And guess how much all this excitement cost us? £1.50.

Please go.



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